Wednesday, April 23, 2014


shitty mom // eyeball clutch // glass water bottle // no flowers, please send succulents // scarf
on monday i had the morning off from my mothering gig and walked aimlessly around the mall for about 2 hours. it felt a little odd to be alone. and by odd i mean fantastic. walking at a slower than usual pace, not chasing after a 2 year old. i need to wander out more, as a party of one. i was in fact on a mission, seeking a dress for an upcoming wedding that i'm in, but because i was clearly high on being solo, i couldn't possibly spend any time crammed in a dressing room under fluorescent lighting. so i found myself in sephora touching and smelling everything for about an hour... nothing tops hanging out in sephora. 

anyways, i started to make a mother's day wish list and i realized that all i want for mother's day is another morning out. scratch that. i want a morning to myself. at home. in bed. plus netflix and coffee. so above is just a little spring wish list, not to be confused with a mother's day wish list. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014