Monday, November 24, 2014


1. cooking with cheech
2. best. worst. hardy.
3. morning light shower scene
4. twinkle toes
5. too soon? i say right on time.
6. falling asleep with marcel the shell is an absolute must.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014


Wednesday, November 19, 2014


today i have been blogging in this space for 2 years. i look at my first post (below) every so often to remind myself where i once was and reflect on where i am today. so much has happened in two years and i can say through all of it that i'm proud of who i am as a mother and more importantly, cortney. the MOM vs SELF struggle is real. it's easy to let motherhood define you and take over all aspects of life. 'mom-guilt' can eat you alive if you let it. i have found that taking care of myself is of utmost importance, otherwise i can't take care of anybody else. i really and truly enjoy sharing my photos, thoughts, inspirations, my ups, my downs and everything in-between here on the blog. thank you for reading, passing through, checking out my little slice of the internet.

monday, november 19, 2012

i am a baby mama

today i have been someone's mother for ten months and nine days. that "someone" has changed who i am. completely. the last ten months and nine days have been the best and sometimes the hardest ten months and nine days of my life.  i really didn't know anything about babies when i signed up for one so i have definitely been flying by the seat of my pants. all of this being said, i am completely head over heels in love like never before. that's right. i am someone with lots and lots of warm and fuzzy feelings now.

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