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Monday, October 27, 2014

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my halloween costumes in years past have been nothing short of pathetic. i usually pull an obscene fur coat out of my closet, pin my hair to the side, get heavy handed with the eyeliner and call it a margot tenenbaum. i know, how original. me and every other blonde woman ever. i tried to mix it up after the kate moss coke scandal of 2005, i pulled said fur coat out of my closet, gave myself a fake-bloody nose (i love fake blood) and sprinkled some baby powder on it. and that is the extent of my adult costume line-up.  P I T I F U L.

this year i have decided to come correct as a skeleton. i went to my local party city to look for a onesie/body suit situation and was outrageously underwhelmed with the women's selections. the "adult sexy glow in the dark skeleton" was not really up my alley, so i decided to check out the little boys section. there i found the "bone suit." it miraculously fit, was $35 cheaper than the adult costume and did not include a garter belt or corset- which i am forever thankful for.

^ the bone suit via instagram ^ make-up/accessory inspiration: 123 + leather jacket + chucks!

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Thursday, October 23, 2014